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A Formula for life

Have you ever wondered how a child physically develops at such a dramatic rate? How a young person can exert so much energy and recover almost instantly? Are you curious about why a child is able to pick up languages so quickly and how they can remember the smallest details? You might imagine that it is just one of the benefits of being young and carefree...ah, youth. There is actually an even more evolutionary reason for this phenomenon. It is indeed about fewer years of life and wear and tear physically, mentally and spiritually...but more than that, it is about the proximity to the embryonic state of being that supports all birth and beyond.

The real answer lies in a compound that is essential in supporting embryonic development; it is called Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF). While FGF is readily available in the human placenta, its availability to the human body diminishes over time and essentially vanishes as we age. Our body is incapable of producing its own FGF, so it must derive it from the food supply.

That is where LifePharm Global Network’s Laminine® fills a crucial, missing link in the human chain of life.
Laminine, a natural supplement, is believed to be the only other known source of FGF in adults. Research credits FGF with essentially reprogramming adult stem cells and amino acids in the body (which make up its natural repair tools) to travel to the areas that need it the most. Once there, these repair tools have the ability to integrate themselves with that particular body part. Their mission then becomes to repair and regenerate the cells and tissue in that location, wherever it is in the body. This explains why Laminine has demonstrated a wide range of benefits for different people, and in varying parts of the body.
A Living History
At its source, Laminine is truly Mother Nature’s perfect supplement for mental, physical and emotional health...naturally.

If you are seeking balance and general improvement in your life and well-being, you might begin your quest for the answers by asking yourself these basic questions:

What product can I take?
Laminine® is a unique, patented formula that provides the most essential proteins and amino acids our body needs, along with the proper transport mechanisms to direct these nutritional building blocks to where the body needs it most. It is the simplest of solutions - derived from a naturalsource - that supports the fundamental building blocks of the most complex organism in history...the human body. This natural, synergistic superfood contains most known vitamins, important trace minerals, essential amino acids plus other nutritional elements. Laminine is nature’s pure, perfect food and the ideal combination of life-giving sustenance sourced from land, sea and plant.*

*People with egg allergies should consult a physician before taking Laminine. 
How will it help?
Laminine® helps regenerate aging cells - while completely nourishing unhealthy cells - and supporting restoration to a state of homeostasis. Your body has its own repair mechanism, which is the physical ability to regenerate your own damaged cells. This repair mechanism is alive and well when we are younger, but slows down with age. Laminine reinvigorates and unleashes this powerful repair mechanism that exists inside all of us. Imagine your health improving, not deteriorating with time, and enjoying greater physical, mental and emotional strength. This is more than a mythical fountain of youth in a far away is a formula from which youth essentially springs eternal. This is the super human supplement that is Laminine.
LifePharm Global Network has the exclusive rights to manufacture and distribute the powerful and proprietary blend of ingredients that are combined to create Laminine. The name comes from the word "Laminin"* which is the substance found in all of us on a cellular level that literally "holds us all together." Laminine is manufactured in the U.S. in reputable factories which follow strict FDA (Food & Drug Administration) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines.

*Product contains no Laminin
Why It Works?
The human body begins...and ends...with the brain. In a perfect world of ideal diets, internally - and a pristine environment, externally - the brain would get its optimum, pure stimuli from foods and the environs and then orchestrate the required and optimal bodily and mental functions. Unfortunately, this is far our real world of processed, fast food and polluted, harmful toxins in the air and water. Despite how much the human race has evolved, there is no denying that modern life puts immense amounts of stress on our brains and bodies. The imbalances created by these factors manifest themselves in the form of depression, fatigue, memory loss and a host of ailments and the deterioration physically, mentally and spiritually.

Laminine® represents more than supplemental science, literally and figuratively. Beyond supporting our body’s needs - which is what most supplements are intended to do - Laminine can actually help recalibrate and reprogram ourselves on so many levels. Rather than being a supplement to address deficiencies, LifePharm Global Network’s exclusive formula is designed to take us back to efficiency, creating a new age in nutritional science. 
Dr. John R. Davidson
Who Developed it?
Dr. John Davidson's 1929 "Miracle" Discovery
In 1929, John R. Davidson, a Canadian Doctor, discovered an extract derived from fertilized hen eggs when they were at a critical stage of incubation. He used this extract to restore health in his patients. Dr Davidson spent well over a decade developing and researching his theory. However, when Dr. Davidson passed away in 1943, his research on fertilized hen eggs was not passed on and was soon forgotten. 
Dr. Bjodne Eskeland
Dr. Bjodne Eskeland Puts the Theory Into Practice
Nearly 50 years later, the pursuit of fertilized hen egg extract was revived by Norway’s foremost expert on egg research: 
Dr. Bjodne Eskeland. Dr. Eskeland took Dr. Davidson’s original research a step further and hypothesized that partially incubated, fertilized hen eggs contained a special combination of amino acids, peptides and protein fractions that could help provide an incredible array of health benefits when consumed by humans. This included vitamins, minerals and proteins, as well as important defense elements, growth factors, hormones and other biologically active components. 

In theory, these partially incubated, fertilized eggs - specifically 9-day-old fertilized hen eggs - contained all the nutrients required to start a new life and the greatest amount of nutrition to develop it into a living being. So, it is at this precise time when the highly potent tissue was first extracted to formulate LifePharm Global Network’s Laminine® formula.

Laminine contains the 9-day-old fertilized hen egg extract, along with a blend of phyto and marine proteins added to make it complete with all essential amino acids. More than 80 years later, Dr. Davidson’s initial discovery is, today, key to unlocking the door to better health, improved mental, physical and emotional performance and balanced, better lives.

An Exclusive, Proprietary Formula
LifePharm Global Network has exclusive rights for manufacture and distribution of the unique blend of ingredients that are combined to become Laminine. The name comes from the word "Laminin"* which is the substance found in all of us on a cellular level that literally "holds us all together." The benefits people receive from Laminine are so profound that for many it is referred to as the "glue that holds them all together" - mentally, physically and emotionally. Literally and figuratively, this formula represents the essence of life.

Laminine is, quite simply, a formula for making us healthy, wealthy and wise.

*Product contains no Laminin 
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Regular use of Laminine helps provide: 

  • Stress & Strain Relief
  • Sleep & Skin Improvement
  • Energy & Physical Strength
  • Mental & Emotional Boost
Laminine Brochure
"Within two days of taking Laminine OMEGA+++, I no longer experienced discomfort in my knees. I could walk up and down steps with ease and could even pick up my two-year-old grandson when I was sitting on the floor and get up without any discomfort."
Sandy Conard, LPGN Field Leader
Knee discomfort eased after taking Laminine